Mobile Apps Track


  • Tour of learning portal
  • Introduction to basic concepts in MIT app inventor
  • Introduction to blocks
  • Build your first app – Mobile Doodle
  • Adding more buttons and functions to Mobile Doodle.
  • Using sensors to bind functions – Mobile Doodle
  • Making your next app – Animal Book
  • Using Different input methods in Animal Book
  • Adding more Animals to Animal book
  • Fixing common errors while making the app
  • Demo your app

Apps for day 1 

  1. Animal book
  2. Mobile Doodle


  • Live Session (1 hour)
  • Introduction to procedures ( functions )
  • Introduction to text functions
  • Building a static Chatbot using string matching
  • Introduction to API’s
  • Building your first app with dynamic content – Covid19 Information App
  • Demo your app

Apps for day 2

  1. Static Chatbot

  2. Covid19 Information App


  • Extending chatbot with dialogflow
  • Introduction to Build2Learn
  • Pick a problem to work on
  • We will walk you through a learning path
  • Interactive sessions (through the forum)
  • Demo your App