Creative Skills Workshop.

Improve your creative skills. Build websites, mobile apps and games.


  • Mobile App Development (Completed on 07-09 April, 2020):
    • Build and deploy apps on Android phones using MIT App Inventor, a visual programming environment.
  • Website/WebApps Development (Completed on 18-22 May, 2020):
    • Build simple websites using WordPress
    • Build websites using HTML/CSS/Javascript and understand web technologies
    • Build simple web applications using Javascript and external services
  • Game Development (Completed on 6-9 July, 2020):
    • Build simple web based games using Javascript
  • Technical Training for first year students(Completed on 5-9 October, 2020) 
    • Interacting with file system using python os module
    • Scrapping websites using Beautifulsoup
    • Build simple games using PyGameZero